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Congrats to all Liberals! – November 2013 Byelections

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I am extremely proud of my fellow Liberals, both here in Oak Ridges-Markham and across Canada, for the tremendous amount of work that was put into these byelections. Working at the phones, canvassing, getting out the vote, scrutineering at the polls, and being on the ground every day to not only garner support, but also convert this support at the polls, has been no easy task. Our immaculate organization was certainly reflected in the polls today. LPC took home 2 ridings, gained record support in Western Canada not seen in decades, and increased our popular vote in a manner unrivalled by any other party.

I know that I join the rest of our members of LPC, including Young Liberals across Canada, in saying that we are both overwhelmed and humbled by the support that we have received from Canadians. On behalf of the ORMYL, I would like to extend my congratulations to Chrystia Freeland and Emmanuel Dubourg on becoming the newest Liberal Members of Parliament, as well as to Rolf Dinsdale and Terry Hayward on achieving such great success in their ridings in Manitoba.

I am excited to continue working with all of my fellow Liberals as we spread our positive message across the country on the road to 2015.

To hope and hard work.


President, ORMYL


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