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ORMYL Policy: Merging the Public and Catholic School Boards

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There are pressing financial and social reasons to change the current school board system. The Catholic school board was originally created to allow the Catholic community to preserve their faith and culture, but this need no longer exists. Furthermore, the demographics of this province have drastically changed in the last 175 years, and our institutions must reflect this reality. The establishment of a single, secular system where religious credits are offered is something that many citizens of Ontario have been asking for and continue to demand. The financial benefits from such a merger are tremendous, and the government should strive to pursue cost savings, especially against the backdrop of wage freezes and service cuts. Other provinces have ended this archaic system and it is time that Ontario does the same.

Our recent policy paper, Merging the Public and Catholic School Boards into One Unified School Board, regarding Ontario’s education system, has been released and comprises both a defence and a policy resolution. We look forward to your thoughts on the paper and would appreciate any feedback that you may have.

ORMYL Executive


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